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Whiteboard Pointillist Portraits by Toru Yano

Dry erase board art is becoming popular on social media. Just type in ‘whiteboard art’ on a search engine and you’ll find plenty of amazing (and not so amazing) portraits, landscapes and cartoons.

Staff at Designer Allboards were amazed when they found Toru Yano from Japan. Toru has been ambidextrous from a young age and has trained his brain to create two different portraits simultaneously. He specialises in pointillist art – using whiteboard markers to create thousands of dots in various colours and producing stunning and life-like human and animal portraits.

Designer Allboards Whiteboard-Marker Portraits

Have a look at the amazing work Toru did for the faces behind Designer Allboards, Jasmine and Erin! Although he only did one portrait at a time and not his usual party trick, the result is incredible!

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It takes Toru between thirty minutes and five hours to complete a single piece, using basic colours which can be sourced from our catalogue.

Whiteboard Uses – Not Just for the Office!

So why limit your whiteboard or glass board to text and diagrams? Unleash your creative side and start on something incredible – any mistakes can be simply wiped away. The real problem is deciding on whether to keep your finished masterpiece as artwork, or rub it out and start again! After all, practice makes perfect.

High Quality Whiteboards and Markers at Designer Allboards

Designer Allboards produce every possible shape and size of whiteboards and glass boards, as well as a wide range of coloured markers and chalk pens. So why don’t you give it a go? If you love what you’ve created and don’t want to ever get rid of it, we have plenty of replacement boards in stock!


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