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It’s easy to think that in this day of ubiquitous cellphones and computers everywhere, that low tech communication devices are obsolete… but this would be an incorrect assumption!

Visit just about any sizeable workplace and you are likely to see a framed corkboard (in Australia , anyway). There’s a good reason for this. The corkboard is the easiest way to rapidly distribute information with the certainty that it will be seen by the widest possible audience within a building, including visitors and those without access to glass whiteboards in the workplace. It is silent, requires no power to operate, doesn’t require any special training, and is easy to install.

Once installed, information of all kinds can be displayed on the corkboard, and most people can’t resist stopping to look. That means a corkboard is still a very effective communications device, even if other tools like a felt pinboard are more exciting. When something is truly a classic, it never really goes away.

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The natural properties of a corkboard

As an entirely natural product (with the possible exception of the frame and mounting materials) a corkboard has numerous interesting properties.

The first thing that’s good to know is that although a corkboard looks like it’s made from wood, it’s actually made from a special kind of tree bark. That means no trees need to be cut down or significantly harmed in order to make cork products, and furthermore many corkboards are made from recycled corks.

Corkboards and other cork products don’t cause harm to the environment. Also, because cork is so light, it actually is less costly (both financially and in environmental terms) to transport it. Due to its natural buoyancy, cork does not pose a hazard to waterways and is unlikely to cause any significant harm to wildlife.

Cork has certain rubber-like characteristics that allow it to expand and contract easily, so pin holes don’t cause permanent damage to the surface of a corkboard.

Even though a cork board is soft, it is also strong. The ability to absorb shock and resume its original shape following light compression makes it one of the most durable products for this type of purpose.

Cork does not conduct electricity, does not emit unpleasant odours, and has a natural aesthetic appearance.

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