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See access and download our warranty forms below.

All about the Warranties on our Magnetic Whiteboards

When you make an investment in a new mobile whiteboard, for instance, you want to trust that you can rely on it and to know how long to do so. If something goes wrong with the product during that period of time, we know it’s important to you that the problem be corrected.

Length of our Warranties

Because of the unique characteristics of the various magnetic whiteboards, pinboards, and glass boards we sell, it is impossible to offer one standard warranty on all of our products. Some warranties span 8 years while others span 25 years; Glass boards have lifetime warranties. We advise that you note the warranties when you are deciding between multiple products.

Availability of Whiteboard Warranty Information

Warranty information is included in the online descriptions of our products so you can easily make an informed decision on your purchase. If warranty information is not included in the product description, or you have questions about the warranty, feel free to call us.

The documentation delivered with our whiteboards, pinboards, and glass boards includes warranty information for easy reference during the lifetime of your product.

What the Warranty Covers

Our magnetic whiteboard warranties cover faulty workmanship and defects in materials when the product has endured normal office use. 8 hours of writing and erasing per day is typically considered normal office use, so that’s a fair amount of punishment.

Due to the nature of variance between photographs and the reality of individual products, we can’t guarantee that a whiteboard will look exactly as shown in the photo. Feel free to contact us if there are concerns with your whiteboard on arrival, but do not be shocked if the appearance of the product is not 100% as expected.

Warranty Upgrade

We do offer warranty upgrades on some products. This information will likely be included in the documentation for review when you need it. If you want to know this information before purchase, feel free to ask if a warranty upgrade applies to the product you are considering.

Extending the life of your Magnetic Whiteboard

It is always important to learn how to properly use and care for a product to ensure it lasts as long as possible and that you get the most enjoyment out of using it.

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