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See below the answers to many of our frequently asked questions. If anything remains unanswered, please contact us here.

Yes you can but we will only produce until 3000 X 1200, anything over we put smaller boards together with a seamless fitting that allow the board to look as large as you are asking for.

We have the smaller size up to 1500 X 900 that have 4.
1500 X 1200 and 1800 X 1200 have 6.
2100 X 1200 and the 2400 x 1200 come with 8.

Yes we do installation for an additional cost which all depends on location and how many boards you are wanting to install.

Porcelain is for heavy duty usage. Where the board is going to be used consistently for long periods of time. We recommend this as having a commercial board in this situation will ghost easy as it is not made for high usage areas.

A Commercial board offers a 8 year warranty where as a Porcelain board has a 25 year warranty on the writing surface.

Glass whiteboards have a lifetime warranty on the writing surface.

We ship Free Australia wide no matter the quantity or the product you are buying.

Each item has separate delivery times on when a customer will receive their board. The standard time when the product is not in stock is 7-10 working days for manufacturing. Then an additional 5-10 days for delivery depending on location. However, if the product is in stock, please allow 3-7 days for the delivery of your board depending on location.

Every item comes with a different manufacturing time. Manufacturing times are stated in the description of the product. However, products range from 7-10 working day for manufacture to 10-15 days. For our Autex products, please allow 2-4-6 weeks for manufacturing.

If your board is damaged, please inform us as soon as the damaged is noticed. We will send out a replacement of your item as soon as possible, depending on the item, quantity and size.

For large quantities, we always allow customers a discount on their products.

No fridge magnets are not strong enough to hold anything on our board. We do offer our Rare Earth Super Strong Magnets that are special designed for our glassboards and whiteboards, allowing a stylish but effective magnet.

We offer many boards that all come with excellent writing surfaces.

Commercial whiteboards (8 year warranty) will eventually start to ghost after heavy duty usage over a long period of time.

Porcelain Whiteboards (25 year warranty) come with a longer duration ability and are highly recommended for people looking for a whiteboard that will be used often.

Glassboards have a lifetime warranty on the writing surface.

Our boards are available in a variety of different writing surfaces to suit various applications and frequency of use. It’s important to choose the correct surface for your task in order to meet your expectations. Glassboards surface is extremely stain resistant and consequently recommended for heavy use.

Porcelain boards have a vitreous enamel surface which are highly scratch resistant. These boards are recommended for heavy writing uses and are ideal for schools, higher education facilities and conference centres.

Projection Porcelain surface is a matte finish and requires a wet wipe for clean up. These boards are recommended as guide, for 80% projection and 20% writing use.

Standard Commercial boards are constructed with multiple layers of painted steel with a baked on white top coat. These surfaces are not as hard as a vitreous enamel finish and therefore may be scratched. For this reason, these boards are recommended for moderate use applications.

If you are unsure don’t hesitate in call one of our team who can help you find the board that is right for you and your needs.

All our boards are Magnetic.  Our whiteboards are compatible with standard magnets where as the Glassboards are only compatible with rare earth magnets.

We have a large range of stocked boards and have distribution centres all over Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, South Australia and Perth.  If you need a whiteboard urgently please give us a call on 1300 769 472 and we’ll see if we can work some magic for you.

No, Installation and assembly of all of our products is extremely simple.  All products come with easy to follow instructions.  If you run into trouble we are only a phone call away.

FREE delivery to metro areas

We are a proud Queensland company and can deliver all of our stock to anywhere in Australia.