SANA Acoustics

SANA Acoustics are a great option for room acoustics and sound proofing. The SANA 3D and Hex Wall Tiles are some of the most efficient methods of combating reverberate noise, making them ideal for use in commercial interiors.

SANA’s Slider Desk Dividers are a great way to create temporary or permanent private work spaces in open-plan offices. The acoustic desk dividers are light weight and easy to install, making them a great option for people who want to increase their privacy without sacrificing style.

SANA Acoustic products are designed to provide both function and form, making them a great choice for any space that needs sound-proofing.

Some of our SANA products include:

  • SANA Slider Desk Dividers
  • SANA 3D and Hex Wall Tiles
  • SANA Summit Acoustic Divider

SANA acoustic panels are perfect for any professional or educational environment, adding a touch of sophistication and practicality.

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