Whiteboard Planners

Whiteboard Planners are perfect for those who need a little help getting organised. Our planner whiteboards come in both monthly and weekly varieties, as well as school term planners and staff status boards. Some of our planner whiteboards are black and white, which can be less distracting and easier to read.

However, we also offer colored planner whiteboards that provide a little excitement and further organisation opportunities.

No matter what kind of planner whiteboard you choose, they all benefit from various colored markers. This combination creates a contrast that is easier to read and more enjoyable to look at. However, with colored planner whiteboards you will often want to use more neutral-colored markers, light chalk markers, or whiteboard paint markers to maintain the aesthetic appeal.

If you are looking for a whiteboard planner that can help you get organised and achieve your goals, then be sure to check out our selection at Designer Allboards. We are confident that you will find the perfect planner whiteboard for your needs!

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