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An Important Part of Buying Whiteboards: Installation

At Designer Allboards, we aim to make the installation stage of your whiteboard purchase as easy as possible, whether you want to install the pinboards or glassboards yourself or to have us do it for you. After all, something’s not easy if it doesn’t suit your needs and preferences.


When Customers Want to Install Their Own Whiteboards

Whether you want to keep your costs as low as possible or simply like to do a little DIY, all of our products arrive to your door with easy-to-follow assembly and installation instructions. Just make sure to read the directions before jumping in, no matter how tempting it is!

If, for some reason, your self-installation doesn’t go as planned, feel free to call us to receive our installation services. It’s not too late!


Our Installation Services

Maybe you know ahead of time that you just want to see the whiteboard on the wall, no DIY involved. You can add installation services to your order to eliminate any potential headache with your purchase.

There are no limits; we offer assembly and installation on our whiteboards, pinboards, glassboards, and all the other whiteboard solutions we sell. Costs do vary depending on your location and the number of boards to be installed.


Free Installation Services

We often run free installation packages on select items in select locations.

Call us to ask what installation services we can offer you on your order!


Whiteboards Installation

You want your new magnetic whiteboard or mobile whiteboard to look great and perform as it should. And we don’t even want to mention falls! Our assembly and installation instructions are designed to help anyone install our whiteboards by themselves, but if you don’t want to do it yourself, we’re happy to lend our services.