Education Solutions

The Cork boards & Whiteboard Cabinets we sell

We offer cork boards, whiteboard cabinets, large magnetic whiteboards, planners, stand-up desks, lecterns, and music whiteboards to aid in both teaching and planning.

Ways our Education Solutions help you

Engage students with magnetic whiteboards and cork boards.

Keep the classroom organized by having needed information where it can easily be seen by all and changed whenever needed.

Save time and headache with a magnetic whiteboard by utilizing reusable magnets instead of writing out the same numbers, words, and names.

Tips for using our Education Solutions

Purchase and/or create your own magnets to make your whiteboard use as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Use a stand-up desk to avoid sitting down too much during the day.

Specialized whiteboards like planners and music whiteboards are specifically created to help with certain tasks.

It’s so easy!

Select one of our whiteboard cabinets, cork boards, or lecterns, enjoy free delivery, and begin making your education problems history.


Music Whiteboard
from $462.00
Buzz Mobile Whiteboard
from $5.95
from $35.60
from $1,523.00

FREE delivery to metro areas

We are a proud Queensland company and can deliver all of our stock to anywhere in Australia.