Glassboards (Glass Whiteboards)

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Glass Whiteboards are designed to blend seamlessly with any décor. The eco-friendly brilliant white and ultra clear glass boards communicate naturally. Why should you purchase a Glassboard?

  • Contemporary – alternative to traditional whiteboards highlighted by the translucency and elegance of premium glass.
  • Quality – toughened safety glass, non-porous surface will not ghost or stain and works with standard dry-erase markers.
  • Frameless – tempered glass is borderless to create clean lines, uncluttered and ultra modern appearance.
  • Chrome fixtures – float the board 20mm off the wall.
  • Starphire Glass – this glass is completely clear as most of the iron oxides have been removed. This helps eliminate any colour distortion.

Free glass whiteboard delivery is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other areas in Australia.  

A surcharge may apply for large glass deliveries due to the fragile nature of these products.

Ideal for the school classrooms, office, corporate environment, shops and home. Please contact our sales staff to find out if glassboard delivery is available in your area.

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Buy Large & Clear Magnetic Glass Whiteboards Online

Conventional whiteboards are excellent products for groups to rapidly communicate ideas in a simple and effective way. But as ubiquitous as whiteboards are, there’s nothing especially interesting or exciting about them. Glassboards give you some extra options.

At the end of the day, glassboards may not necessarily be better than whiteboards or felt pinboards – we’ll leave that as a matter for your personal taste to decide – but they are certainly different and offer unique possibilities that you can take advantage of if you wish.

Why would you want a clear glass whiteboard?

Well now, that’s a really good question. With an ordinary whiteboard, you write directly onto an opaque surface and it’s easy for everyone in the room to see what you wrote. White boards are good because they’re white, which means any reasonably dark colour will show up easily with plenty of contrast (whiteboard markers are usually black, blue, red, or green).

With a glassboard, visibility is a bit more complicated. It’s determined by the position and intensity of the lighting relative to the board and the viewer, the proximity of the viewer to the board, the colour of the marker used, and the colours that may be behind the glassboard.

Now the above facts may possibly make you think a glassboard is not a good investment, but there are some situations where a glassboard is highly preferable.

  • For video presentations and tutorials for YouTube, Vimeo, etc, you can set up an effect where it looks like you’re drawing information directly onto the viewer’s screen. Set this up with the glassboard between you and the camera, and there should be more light on your side of the glass than on the camera’s side. Won’t your text and images all be in reverse? Yes, but this is corrected by using the mirroring feature (aka Horizontal Flip) on your camera or video editing software.
  • When you need to see something behind the board while you’re demonstrating something. For example, if there is an object in the background behind the board and you want to bring it to the attention of your audience, you can draw a border around the object. This would be impossible with an ordinary whiteboard or blackboard.

Finally, when all is said and done, glassboards are still so novel that they just seem way cooler and more impressive than a typical whiteboard. This is why television producers love them, especially for any kind of show that involves technical data.

You will see glassboards used in shows like Breaking Bad, CSI, Numbers, etc. These boards make the characters in the show seem more seriously scientific and high tech. If it works like that for fictional people, it should work like that for you, too.

The large glass whiteboard is also used in industrial placements

Corporate and scientific environments are not the only places where glassboards are likely to be found. Air traffic control centres, police stations, and factories are all places where glassboards fill a particular need. Often in these environments it is important to be able to see what is going on in the background even when your focus is on the writing. Glassboards make that possible.

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