Screening & Acoustics Solutions

The Screening & Acoustics Solutions we sell

Improve your meetings with our room dividers, mobile stands, pinboard paneling, office screens, and quiet tiles. Whether you need a whiteboard, pinboard, mobile pinboard, or acoustic solution, we have you covered.

Ways our Screening & Acoustics Solutions help you

Don’t let sounds interrupt concentration during your lessons or meetings; get an Autex acoustic wall or apply some quiet tiles instead.

Mobile whiteboards and pinboards can travel anywhere, so you can share information with multiple groups.

Office screens and room dividers help you break up working spaces and improve communication and information sharing, all with only one product.

Tips for using our Screening & Acoustics Solutions

Determine what you need most, a whiteboard or a pinboard. Will you be writing more or collecting ideas more?

Use magnets to combine both whiteboard and pinboard functionality in a whiteboard.

Or buy a room divider with both a whiteboard and a pinboard space.

It’s so easy!

Browse our room dividers or office screens, have some delivered for free, and start making your business, organization, or home office history.


FREE delivery to metro areas

We are a proud Queensland company and can deliver all of our stock to anywhere in Australia.