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We offer monthly and weekly planner whiteboards, as well as school term planners, staff status boards, and yearly planners. Some planner whiteboards are black and white, causing no distractions to the information on the board while the coloured planners provide a little excitement and further organisation opportunities.

Ways our Planner Whiteboards help you

You could turn any whiteboard into a planner, but it will be messy, time-consuming, and irritating. If you frequently use your whiteboard as a planner, consider buying a separate planner.

Improve your own efficiency or that of your staff with a weekly planner whiteboard, or a monthly or yearly one depending on your goals.

Tips for using our Daily, Monthly, & Weekly Planner Whiteboards

A black and white planner whiteboard will benefit from various coloured markers. This combination creates a contrast that is easier to read and more enjoyable to look at.

Coloured planner whiteboards will often work better with more neutral-coloured markers, light chalk markers, or black markers.

Use magnets to make the use of the planner more engaging and quicker(rather than writing out frequently used words).

It’s so easy!

Browse our planner whiteboards, have your order delivered for free, and start making your business, organisation, or home office problems history.

Week Planner Whiteboard

Stay organised with a week planner whiteboard

One of the most popular uses for a whiteboard is as a week planner, but to do this with an ordinary whiteboard requires ruling lines which can be too easily erased. A dedicated week planner whiteboard is the answer to this problem, because it is made with non-erasable lines printed directly onto the whiteboard surface.

A week planner whiteboard helps you stay focused

There is a place for journals and organiser apps, but both of these have the disadvantage that you have to make a special effort to consult them. A week planner whiteboard can be always within your field of view while you’re working. It’s not a distraction, but it does fulfil its task of helping you remember what you’re supposed to be doing so you can stay on track.

Anywhere that rostering is used, a week planner whiteboard will be very helpful. Team members will be easily able to see where and when they fit into the schedule. It’s inexpensive, effective, and very simple to implement.

The week planner whiteboard makes it easier to keep track of what’s coming up, and serves as a fairly constant and convenient reminder. It’s actually almost impossible to forget something when it’s right in front of your eyes all day, every day.

Knowing what lies ahead is good for staying organised, but seeing what you’ve already accomplished also encourages you to keep doing your best. A week planner whiteboard is a good visual aid to show your progress and remind you what day it is.

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The week planner whiteboard is the best product for its particular task, but it’s not the best kind of whiteboard for every task. Indeed for some tasks, a completely different kind of board is even better than a whiteboard. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

One of the most recent developments in this field is the glassboard. Similar to a whiteboard, you can write on it, and you can also stick things to it if you choose a magnetic version. Glassboards provide a wider choice of colours, and you can also choose a fully transparent glassboard too.

The fully transparent glassboard is ideal for video presentations, allowing you to build a low cost lightboard that provides the simplest and best way to create an attention-getting presentation.

For non-writing situations, a felt pinboard or corkboard may be more appropriate than a whiteboard or glassboard. These are boards where pre-printed information is pinned (or possibly stuck on with Velcro® in the case of velour pinboards) to the surface for people to read instead of being written directly onto the surface.

Not sure what you need? No problem. We’re here to help. Just call or email Designer Allboards and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.


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