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To keep building costs low and provide almost unlimited flexibility, many large office buildings in Australia are built with an open plan concept. It’s becoming more common, and is actually quite a good idea.

There can be some problems with this arrangement, however. For one thing, staff can find themselves distracted by being able to constantly see their colleagues, and that can sometimes be a problem if staff spend too much time socialising or star-gazing, and not enough time actually focusing on their work.

Minimise distractions in an open plan environment with mobile office screens

Another problem can be with the issue of client privacy. Depending on the nature of what your organization does, clients might not be totally happy discussing their personal business in a situation where everyone around them can listen in and be seen doing so.

The simple answer to both problems is the humble room divider screen. Simple, effective, and low cost, it does the job.

There are other good reasons why you might want to buy a room divider

Even if the two problems described above are not an issue in your particular workplace, there are still times when you might want a simple way to divide up the space in a large room, section off a particular area, or keep something that you’re working on away from prying eyes. Again, a room divider is the perfect way to take care of your needs.

Room dividers are also quite good for purposes not related to organization or security. For example, room dividers can be used for displaying posters and art works just like corkboards, or they can even be set up as an impromptu projector screen.

For this latter purpose, it helps if the divider is solid white, solid grey, or solid black. Any other colour can interfere with the projected image by distorting the image colours.

Here’s where you can get the best value on a room screens in Australia

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