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The Pinboards we sell

You can find velour, fabric, and felt pinboards, cork boards, notice cases, and whiteboard cabinets here. We also offer full wall and office cube Autex pinboards.

Ways our Pinboards & Corkboards help you

Pinboards offer convenient information sharing, document displaying, and idea collecting opportunities.
Self-healing pinboards look great and retain usability longer.
Autex pinboard paneling and cubes enhance communication and organization while overall improving the atmosphere of the office.
Our products are acoustic and allergen-free for a better working atmosphere and recyclable for the environment.

Tips for using our Pinboards, Corkboards, & Pinnable Acoustic Panels

Don’t waste this opportunity to communicate and organize better! Use our pinboards to collaborate more, to share more ideas, and to innovate.

Look for more ways to improve workplace conditions and meeting ambiance. Our products improve the appearance of the working space and reduce sound-irritants, but you can go even further. Make the most of what our products offer and maximize productivity.

It’s so easy!

Choose one of our whiteboard cabinets or pinboards, have your order delivered for free, and start making your business’ or organization’s problems history.

Buy Large Custom Felt & Fabric Pin Up Boards

It is indisputable that any business of considerable size needs to buy pin boards  to help make sure every employee is aware of important announcements. Pin boards also enhance communication and organization and can be used when you can’t buy whiteboards.

Designer Allboards has an excellent range of pin up boards for sale , and the value is even better with free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

The best range of pinboards in Australia

If you are buying a felt pinboard  for your workplace, you’ll have the biggest and best range of options when you browse the range at Designer Allboards. We have every kind of pin board in Australia . Whether you’re looking for basic pin board, large pin board , or even a custom pinboard , you will find your ideal pinboard product at Designer Allboards.

Pinboards aren’t what they used to be

Go back far enough in your memory and you’ll conjure up an image of the corkboards you used to see at school or in other public buildings. Bland at best, these boards could be downright torture for the eyes to behold.

Modern pinboards have undergone something of a revolution in terms of design. Now available in a range of attractive colours and fabric choices (however the most popular choice is still the traditional felt pin board in Australia ), and with a multitude of framing options available, including frameless.

We recommend to choose a pinboard that does have a frame because it’s likely to be more durable. The only advantage a frameless board can provide is the possibility of adding items all the way to the edge of the board (or even beyond), but that can actually look quite untidy.

Choosing the correct pinboard surface to suit your needs

The main thing to consider when choosing a pinboard is your particular industrial environment. If your pinboard is going up in an office building, that will have different requirements in comparison to a factory setting, and there are again different requirements for a laboratory setting. And that also can vary depending on the type of laboratory.

In the office, traditional soft fabrics like felt are usually a good choice. They look good, have the biggest range of colour choices, and will blend in well with any décor.

For a classroom with young children, velour may be a better choice because it is Velcro® compatible. This eliminates the need for sharp pins to be used, so it’s a safer choice.

Linoleum based pinboards (eg. Krommenie), are the best choice for heavy industrial settings. Easy to keep clean, they are resistant to oil, water, mould, mildew, and the majority of chemicals (the exception is chemicals with a very high pH such as aqueous ammonia). Linoleum boards also have what is often described as a “self healing” property, where the pin holes gradually disappear when pins are removed.

For very dry environments which still require low risk of particle contamination, the familiar cork board can be a good choice.

Designer Allboards are experts in office communication systems, so if you have any questions at all, simply get in touch and we’ll provide the answers you are seeking.


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