Hanging Expanding Cascade Screen

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Product Description

Cascade Expanding Screens are a world first in forward-thinking and space-saving acoustic design. We have developed an acoustic expanding mesh that allows intricate and modern designs to come to life, as sections of a solid panel simply pull apart while others stay together. A single panel can grow up to 100% in width through geometric action to present a truly unique and functional division of space.

At the heart of our product is one of our founding values; limiting our waste and impact on the environment. As Cascade Expanding Screens use a kinetic pattern with cuts rather than ‘cut-outs’, every part of the panel is utilised to enhance both the aesthetic and acoustic performance. We make a little go a long way, which is good for our environment, and for the sound control of your space.

Patented design means you won’t find anything like it anywhere in the world

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E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6


Acros, Bosco, Empire, Falling Water, Flatiron, Galaxy, Ironbank, Lotus, Opera, Pavilion, Petronas, Pinnacle, Savoye, Senado, Zenith