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Frontier™ revolutionises what it means to have beautifully designed acoustics. With modular fins that can be arranged and spaced in countless formations, Frontier is available in five styles and is designed for targeted sound absorption for the commercial, education and hospitality sectors.

There are 15 colours to choose from which can be mixed and matched to bring the designs to life on walls and ceilings. Frontier’s incredible acoustic performance is thanks to the highlyabsorbent, compressed, polyester felt and fins that are fully adjustable both before and after installation. As noise operates at different frequencies, by moving the fins closer and further apart, Frontier can be ‘tuned’ to create the ultimate space for people to work and play within.

At Autex, we want to provide a seamless install experience, so we’ve created our own Frontier Kit complete with our internationally patented clip and aluminium channel that allows easy adjustments on site. This also means Frontier can be installed to perfectly fit the designed space without compromise.

If you have an idea for a custom design, let’s work together to make it happen. We have an in-house design team dedicated to customisation so we have the capacity to bring your own vision to life.


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