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Hospitality Solutions – specialty products for hotels & B&Bs

Hotels and B&Bs are always on the lookout for hospitality and communication products that please both guests and staff. A plain, white board is not always the most eye-catching addition, unless your accommodation is monochrome or modern. However, it is a simple, effective and budget-conscious way of getting your messages to the right people at the right time. At Designer Allboards, we’ve a range of products – not just boards – to make the running of your guest accommodation that much easier, and that much more cost-effective.

Less cumbersome check-ins and check-outs

When guest arrive with more than a small carry-on bag, and your hospitality business depends on limited staff, saving on extra hands can make a difference to staff distribution and the first impressions of visitors.

Luggage trolleys are often associated with grand hotels from the age of Hercules Poirot, an era long before the handy invention of wheeled suitcases and when staff was cheap and plentiful. Today’s luggage trolleys are not the huge, heavy, brass  contraptions of old, but lightweight versions which don’t take up the entire reception area.

That said, the Designer Allboards Birdcage Trolley can be found with a brass-like finish (or stainless steel finish) and is large enough (1120mm x 610mm x 1910mm) to pack in multiple cases, bags and rucksacks. With these dimensions it will also fit in most lifts. It features a handy hanging bar (which is why it’s called a Birdcage Trolley) and travels on pneumatic tyres, so getting up and down the doorstep is never a problem. In a medium-sized establishment where the customer is king, taking care of their luggage gives the right impression.

For smaller concerns, a small two-wheeled trolley can offer the same service on a less extravagent scale. Our Porters Trolley is lined with heavy-duty carpeting to prevent contents from slipping. At just 700mm x 560mm x 1200mm, it’s easy to store and easy to manoeuvre. Add another level of customer service from the moment your guests arrive.

Want to add something more without taking up space? We also offer a non-electric Umbrella Wrapping Machine. This not only provides a drip-free entrance for your guests, but saves on cleaning costs as it protects your hotel or B&B floor from drips and puddles. A wet floor is an open invitation to slips and falls, so the function of this small piece of equipment is three-fold. At only 300mm x 300mm x 1190mm, it won’t take up much floor space either.

Making guestrooms even better

Designer Allboards currently stock two solutions for hotel and B&B rooms. The foldable chrome and black Room Luggage Rack will fit into any interior and can be neatly folded away. A quick dust and its clean, so hardly any work for the cleaning staff.

For accommodation where sound insulation is a problem, Designer Allboards also supply a huge range of textured wall tiles and coverings which act as acoustic solutions, reducing room-to-room noise and ensuring fewer complaints on the review sites. Not only are these tiles available in an array of styles and effects, they also come in a wide range of colours. Whatever your colour scheme, Designer Allboards have an acoustic solution that will add an extra design feature to any room, not just the guestrooms. Line a conference room, the ceilings, games room and staff accommodation. A simple and effective sound solution.

Something for the staff

Finally, any hotel or B&B will benefit from additional communication methods and storage facilities, which is why Designer Allboards thinks very carefully about what it puts in its catalogue. Although we don’t agree with offering an exhaustive list that – let’s face it – is tiring to browse through and difficult to choose from, we do make sure there are plenty of ideas, colours, sizes and options in the high-end products we do add.

To make staff rotas and schedules a breeze, the Staff Status Whiteboard comes highly recommended from many of our clients. Use magnets, stickers or markers on this glass whiteboard which will never stain or ghost. We supply adhesive letters to give your staff list an extra professional touch. Kept simple, but with enough space to add notes, you’ll know where every member of staff will be and when in a single glance. It comes in three different sizes, too.

Finding extra storage in a busy hospitality environment isn’t easy. With hotels and B&Bs often depending on the season, it’s normal that some times of the year mean more staff and guests and less space. The Designer Allboards catalogue introduces the Huddle, a combination storage and communications solution featuring a mobile shelved unit faced with whiteboard. At only 1800 x 840 x 374, it will fit into a corner when not in use. A useful addition to proprietors who rent spaces for meetings, or simply want a multi-functional piece of storage.

Designer Allboards – solutions, solutions and more solutions!

At Designer Allboards, we like to find attractive and functional articles that fit into any commercial business, or add something extra to a home or home office. Browse our catalogue for ideas – we guarantee you’ll find some great ones! What’s more, we offer free delivery country-wide and warranties that far exceed expectations. Strapped for cash? We even offer payment plans on our larger items.

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