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This Is Why Educators Need A Magnetic Whiteboard

Whiteboards appear in all modern classrooms, but switching to a magnetic whiteboard greatly increases the functionality of these trusty classroom helpers. The added magnetic aspect makes whiteboard use both more productive and engaging, enlivening students’ interaction with the board as well as saving the educator time drawing diagrams or redoing commonly used notes. One can write or draw only what’s necessary with a magnetic whiteboard.

This is Why Educators Need A Magnetic Whiteboard

Increase Engagement

Some students come to class already engaged, but many others need encouragement. And when an educator asks a student to use the whiteboard, they frequently become nervous because they must perform in front of the class, reducing their concentration. Use a magnetic whiteboard to add an extra sensory enjoyment to whiteboard lessons and boost their overall classroom engagement.

Students can stick the markers to the board anywhere they like, which is more fun than being handed a marker or picking it out of a drawer.

Magnets offer a greater range of activities to help visual and kinetic learners.

Photos and artwork can also be attached to the magnetic whiteboard to enrich lessons and stories as well as to highlight student accomplishments.

Save Time And Headache

Educators can save their time and nerves with a magnetic whiteboard. Some words, names, numbers, and images get used over and over in classrooms, and it doesn’t make sense to keep rewriting them. A magnet or item attached with a magnet can serve the same function as the written or drawn item much more productively, and possibly more attractively.

Greatly Improve A Whiteboard Planner

Educators frequently use planners. A whiteboard planner of any kind saves time and paper and offers a larger, clearer view to students. But a magnetic whiteboard makes the repetitive nature of a planner much more enjoyable and simple when dates and reused names can be moved around rather than rewritten and notices and invitations can be added directly to the whiteboard calendar. Imagine how many times with a whiteboard monthly planner an educator probably writes the same things over and over. With magnets, it takes only a quick and fun motion to switch dates and recurring items from month to month.


With a magnetic whiteboard, educators can save their precious time and nerves as well as improve engagement in the classroom. Magnetic whiteboards pose no limitations in comparison to other whiteboards either. One can still choose a mobile whiteboard, double sided whiteboard, or whiteboard calendar that is magnetic.


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