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The New Look of our Website Makes Buying Whiteboards Easier

Come see our New Look and New Whiteboards Solutions

Exciting changes are happening here at Designer Allboards. We’re improving our website to make your shopping experience quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. We’ve also added a whole bunch of new products. Read on to learn more!

Making It Easier to Find the Whiteboards, Pinboards, and Glassboards You Need

The fewer clicks it takes to achieve a goal, the easier and more enjoyable the task seems. Also, on a website, the more times you have to click to find what you need, the more likely you are to get lost, and getting lost makes a terrible shopping experience.

We’re aiming to make Designer Allboards a one-click-to-find-what-you-need online store with our new menu. All of our shop categories appear as soon as you open our site. No more selecting “shop” and waiting for a drop down menu that may or may not disappear when you try to click on the category you want.

More Whiteboard Solutions and Screening Solutions

We’ve expanded our product selection to help customers achieve even more of their goals.

Electronic Copyboards allow educators and managers to turn their real-time handwritten creations into lasting, hard copies.

Mobile Music Boards let you take your music to multiple locations and adjust their position to suit natural lighting and differing room layouts.

Our new Naga mobile glassboard offers premium mobile whiteboard features and a convenient, large storage space under the board.

We’re also selling a Super Tough Pinboard made from marine carpet material. It takes all pinboard punishment, including hook and loop, and you can scrub it to clean.

Improve your classroom or meeting room with screening solutions, such as:

Enjoy new notice cases with sliding doors, breakroom tables, lecterns, adjustable height desks, letter boards, a wide range of circle glassboards, and a glass world map!

We hope you enjoy our easier website navigation and broader range of products. Happy shopping and dream big!

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