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How Glass Whiteboards Improve Office Productivity

glass whiteboards improve productivity


Do your employees get bored in meetings? Does attention flag when discussing new products or during planning sessions? Does your business have trouble developing and implementing new concepts and ideas?

Glass whiteboards provide an attractive, simple and effective way to encourage communication and planning in an office.

They quickly become an essential element in fostering a productive business environment. Placed strategically throughout the workspace, glass dry-erase boards are handy aids in planning, scheduling and inter-office communication.


What Are The Features of Glass Whiteboards?

Glass whiteboards offer the same convenient features and benefits of any whiteboard – large format visual aid, erasable surface and multiple colour presentations. They enhance collaboration, increase participation and are cost-effective.

Mobile whiteboards can be moved around a room to foster communication or between rooms as needed.

Glass dry-erase glassboards enhance the features of a standard whiteboard. Their sleek appearance and reflective surface make them an elegant choice for any space in an office.

In contrast to standard dry-erase boards, they are durable, don’t show ghosting or stains from previous markings, display vibrant colour and don’t chip or scratch. Some models are magnetic and can be used with rare earth magnets.

Glass whiteboards are available in black, white and an array of different colours and sizes depending on the model you choose. Choose the style that will suit your office, such as the sleek and modern LX 9000 Edge.


What The The Advantages of Dry-Erase Glassboards

During meetings, lectures or brainstorming sessions, spoken information and off the cuff notes can be presented visually on a glass whiteboard to support the ideas being presented. Coloured pens enhance the experience, allowing participants to differentiate ideas and organise information effectively.

During brainstorming sessions, glass dry-erase boards are crucial. Engineers, designers and architects can use the boards for design work and encourage team participation.

Programmers can display concepts for new applications that participants can build upon. The sessions can move quickly, with group members refining ideas and adding details.

When completed, participants can snap photos of the stages of the work sessions on their phones to record the information. The board can be erased and be ready for a new session.


Place Your Glassboards Strategically

Situated in the right places in an office, glassboards can be used throughout the day to display concepts and information even when formal planning sessions are over.

This allows team members to add or refine data as ideas come, a great way to stimulate creativity and enhance productivity.

Place one at the entrance to your office can help visitors find offices and personnel. They can display timetables and meeting schedules, classes and workshops.

Place them in between teams to foster communication on projects that require cross-division collaboration.


Environmentally Friendly

Dry-erase boards substantially reduce the amount of paper used. Instead of printing an agenda for each participant in a meeting, write the agenda on the board.

During planning sessions, participants can take notes or use other methods to record information from the boards. The final outcome can be recorded and distributed as paper copies.


Improve Scheduling

Glass whiteboards are handy for scheduling. Boards can be used in hospitals or other service organisations to list contact details and names of those who are on call. Employees can sign in and out on the board. Contact numbers and holiday leave schedules can also be displayed.

Boards can also be used to display office meeting schedules. Service organisations and learning centres can list courses, timings, workshops and other pertinent information that may change from day to day or week to week.

Administrative personnel can use them for inter-office scheduling and communication. Post memos, messages and announcements. Use them to post performance goals and highlight top performers.

Visuals provide interest and keep the audience engaged and charts and important points can reinforce presentations. Magnetic glassboards allow you to post separate notes and can also be used as a screen for slides and photos.


Easy To Maintain and Clean

Glassboards are easy to clean and maintain. Because they don’t ghost or stain, marker colours are easily removed with a dry eraser.

Glassboards can also be washed with soap and water or glass cleaner. Unlike the old chalk blackboards, there’s no dust.


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