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Designer Allboards supports Orange Sky Laundry

Designer Allboards supports Orange Sky Laundry

At Designer Allboards, we think it important to give back to the community. Our dedication to social responsibility has led us to support a variety of charities over the years. This time (or this month?), Designer Allboards has chosen yet another highly deserving charity to support – Orange Sky Laundry.

Orange Sky started locally in Brisbane and has since grown to cover a much wider range of locations all over Australia. The world’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless, this charity began thanks to the big hearts of two young men who decided to install washing machines and dryers in the back of their van and spend their free time traveling to local homeless haunts. Orange Sky vans offer a free laundry service and a friendly listening ear to those in need. Have a look at the amazing work they do on their website:

We are proud to add ourselves to their group of supporters, knowing our financial input helps Orange Sky reach even more worthy individuals, giving the homeless a helping hand and sense of dignity, as well as plenty of opportunity to have a chat during every wash and dry cycle.

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