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What Are the Best Types of Markers for Glassboards?

glassboard markers

Glassboards add an elegant touch to an office, conference room or classroom and give a contemporary, clean look to any professional setting.

Their uses are as infinite as the imaginations of people using them. Try them for brainstorming, presentations, scheduling or work sessions. To enhance presentations, use coloured markers to give life graphics and illustrate important points.


What Type Of Marker Can I Use On a Glassboard?

After you’ve installed your new glassboard, you may wonder what types of markers are suitable to use on this surface. Many different types of markers can be used on a glassboard because the glass doesn’t ghost or stain.

There are also markers made specifically for dry erase boards that work well on both whiteboards and glassboards, including liquid chalk markers and liquid paint markers.

Here’s a few popular types that will make your presentations stand out.


Chalk Markers

Chalk markers blend the best features of liquid markers and chalk.

They go on as a liquid but dry like chalk, giving you the flexibility of a marker without the mess of chalk.

The colour goes on smoothly for a vibrant, clear image. The water-based ink can be removed with a wet-wipe eraser. There is no ghosting or staining, and your whiteboard is ready for the next round.

The variety of colours gives you and your group many ways to express ideas. Try giving each person a different colour to distinguish one set of ideas from another. For some pizzazz, neon markers in hot pink, yellow or green make text really stand out.

Traditional colours are also available, including orange, blue, purple and red. The neon and bright colours work well on black glassboards, providing a vibrant contrast with the dark background of the board.

For an elegant touch, try gold and silver chalk markers.


Pentel Maxiflo Markers

Specifically made for whiteboards and glassboards, Maxiflo markers by Pentel deliver a steady, consistent flow of ink without smudging or streaking.

A unique pumping action replenishes the ink as it flows through the tip. The bullet tip allows precision drawing with fine lines.

The result is even thickness of lines in vibrant colour. Erasing is no problem.

Simply use a standard dry eraser or cloth to remove the ink from the board. The markers are available in packages of four traditional colours of red, green, blue and black.


Staedtler Whiteboard Markers

Staedtler makes several types of markers specifically for whiteboards and other smooth surfaces.

The Lumocolor series comes in packages of four, six and eight markers. Colours include blue, brown, black, green, orange, purple, red and yellow.

They go on wet but dry quickly with no odour. If you forget to put the caps back on, no problem. These markers will not dry up for days.

They also will not leak, thanks to an automatic pressure equalisation feature. The 2 mm bullet tip allows precision control, which adds to the look of a presentation.

A dry eraser wipes it all off smoothly without staining or ghosting.



Be sure to remember erasers and other accessories as you order markers for your dry erase board.

Glassboard erasers will not scratch the surface. Pen trays and pen holders keep markers handy.

Our glassboard starter kit includes all the basics that you’ll need for your office glassboard including glass cleaner, cleaning cloths, scratch-free eraser, markers and magnets.

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