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The Advantages of Glass Whiteboards

meeting around a glass whiteboard

If you’re updating your conference room or other meeting space, remember that stimulating group participation is extremely important during planning and work sessions.

Whiteboards can serve many purposes such as being a visual aid in meetings and a place for employees to note thoughts and ideas throughout the day.

Glass whiteboards add to the décor and feel of an office and can be used as an architectural element such as a room divider and acoustical panel within a work area.


Glass Whiteboards as a Tool for Meetings

Agenda and meeting notes can be posted on glass whiteboards for all to see – this also saves paper.

As meetings progress, moderators and participants can use them as a place to write ideas, formula and other information generated during a session.


Glass Whiteboards Give a Stylish Appearance

Glass whiteboards are not just functional. They’re also attractive. Their smooth surface adds a luminous quality to the workplace. Their sleek lines give a professional look to a room.

Whilst hard to measure, the feel of a work environment can add a considerable boost to productivity and staff morale – give your staff a great environment to work in and they’ll provide great work to the company.

Standard glass has a greenish hue because of the minerals in the glass. Specialty glass, sometimes called Starphire glass will display true colour. All our glassboards have a lifetime warranty on the writing surface.


Choose a Style to Suit Your Workspace

Several styles are available allowing you to customise your board according to your office décor.

Borderless whiteboards blend with their surroundings. Their shaped and polished edges make a clean line for a modern appearance.

A stylish border such as powder coated, creates an elegant look. Round glass whiteboards add a designer touch to the office.

Coloured glass whiteboards add a real zing and enliven the workspace. Coloured glassboards are great for settings such as schools and hospitals where colour can help brighten up the surroundings.

They come in several shades that complement wall colour or furniture.

Black glassboards in the right office add an element of sophistication and elegance to an office. White glassboards can be great for colour contrast.


The Functional Elements of Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards can also be used as room dividers. These large panels are fitted with wheels so that they can be moved easily from space to space.

They can also be placed to separate areas within a room. Both sides have a writing surface, which adds writing space to your meeting workup.

Mobile glass whiteboards come in several standard sizes, allowing you to select a size appropriate for your office space.

You can also order mounted glass whiteboards which can be used as room dividers.

The longest dimension is upright in portrait mounts. In landscape mounts, the longest dimension is parallel to the floor. They can also be ordered in custom sizes if you need something unusual.

There are several types of frames available for mobile glass whiteboards, including aluminium, powder coated and satin silver finishes. Match the frame material to your office décor for an elegant touch.


Extra Features

Extra features such as magnetic surfaces allow you to pin papers, drawings and other documents to the board during a presentation.

Some models have a space behind the glass to inert pieces of paper. This lets you write on the glass surface without altering the original document.

Most glass whiteboards are made from toughened glass for safety. Many come with a perspex pen tray and 5 rare earth magnets – standard fridge magnets are not strong enough to use on glassboards. These accessories can also be custom ordered separately.

One of the best features of glass whiteboards is that markers erase easily and don’t ghost. When you remove what is written on the surface, nothing remains except the smooth, sparkling glass surface.

As you upgrade your meeting room, adding a glass whiteboard will add an elegant touch. The non-scratch surface ensures that the board will continue to sparkle for years to come.


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