Naga Glassboards

Danish Design: Simplicity, Style & Function

NAGA Glassboards have a unique design that is sure to make a statement in any space. These boards are made from tempered glass and come in a range of sizes and colours.

NAGA’s selection of whiteboards and accessories allow you to create a functional and stylish work space that is tailored to your specific needs. The boards are easy to clean and maintain, and the use of markers or chalk means that you can easily add or edit information. The wide range of colours, shapes and finishes means that you can find the perfect board for your office or home, and the option to order tailor-made solutions ensures that you can get the most out of your space. Whether you need a small board for taking notes or a large whiteboard for brainstorming sessions, NAGA has the perfect solution for you.

You can buy your NAGA magnetic glass board from us quickly and conveniently online for great value and free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

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